Ciara Harvie

The 21-year-old emerging talent has been making an impression nationally in recent times making numerous appearances on Television, to theatres, to glitzy and glamorous high-end corporate events.The teenager from Longniddry would teach herself to sing by watching Youtube videos of other classical singers such as; Jackie Evancho, Katherine Jenkins and Andrea Bocelli. She would then record herself using her dad’s mobile phone and eventually plucked up the courage to show family. Not long after she began vocal coaching with her Russian vocal coach, Sergei Desmond and has come so far with him over the past 6 years.
Ciara Harvie is powerful, to say the least. Her voice alone has the ability to hit notes many others can only dream of. The atmosphere and raw emotion Ciara creates is breathtaking and leaves her audiences stunned and dumbfounded. Performing to an impressive audience of 1,200 people at Edinburgh’s Festival Theatre as her first ever public performance Confronting her nerves, her efforts left judges spellbound and Ciara hasn’t looked back. Things took a dramatic turn. This pinnacle event in Ciara’s musical career gave her the confidence she needed to pursue the life she’d always wanted.